The Order of the White Star emerged after the Sindri Flood from a large group of Sindri speaking caravaners who wanted to discover the cause of the flood. A former government agent by the name of Salem Niyyin was the initial organizer, managing to get the caravaners and caravan guards looking to join to all travel with a single extended family, led by coconspirator Alif Shiel. Once they were organized a contract was quickly drawn out, uniforms made, and they began to search for the one man who certainly knew what had happened, a Bhustani noble by the name of Nar Mirri who had fled into Southern Bhustan.

Upon entrance into Southern Bhustan the group travelled very publicly to a contested border between two of the local warlords. Within a day they recieved an offer from one to destroy the other, a reciprocal offer was made by the other within a week. Both were answered yes, and the Order intervened on both sides by eradicating the remnants of destroyed armies, gradually growing with the local civilian population.

Upon the discovery of Nar Mirri and thus the accomplishment of their actual mission, they decided that they needed to leave the area. Mirri revealed that returning to Bhustan proper was suicide, and they instead planned to head south. The only real obstacle was getting out. To do that, their strategist came up with a plan that would eliminate all obstacles at once, distracting all the warlords with no interest in them and removing the ones that had any interest. To do this, they organized the battle of Ghiel Canyon, convincing both leaders to personally lead their armies there to end the combat, with the Order of the White Star planned to strike the rear.

Instead they took advantage of their position to lay a trap for both sides. Once the battle started charges that the alchemists had set into the canyon walls were detonated, trapping both sides in. A handful of theoretically innacessable caves had also been occupied prior, and hundreds of barrels of carefully prepared liquids were poured into the bottom of the canyon, spitting up poisonous gasses upon contact with each other.

By the time the clouds of poisonous gasses had cleared, only a scant handful of survivors remained. Among these were both of the leaders, neither having troops beyond a scant handful of specialists, climbers with ropes in one case, engineers who had the foresight to bring ladders in the other. These were quickly rounded up by the order, who fled south. Dozens of new wars sprung up to fill the power vaccuum, and in the chaos the order escaped to the border of Kailla, and were allowed through by virtue of the warlords they had captured.

Following this the order disbanded, and information concerning the events of the Sindri Flood began to trickle into Bhustan despite the government coverup. Niyyen and a handful of troops gained employment in the Kaillan government, Shiel returned to his caravan and managed it for the years leading up to his assassination, and Mirri fled to Calum looking to gain a noble title elsehwere.

Much of the lasting evidence of the Order of the White Star is connected to their uniforms. They wore distinctive tunics, split at the front and back from the waist down, over simple pants. All of this was in varying sand colors, barring a deep red rim to the tunic, and this costume has been kept up until the modern day, used both in defiance of the Southern Bhustani warlords and in opposition to the official Bhustani government. Furthermore they would wear a white cloak with a pale sun symbol of it, which has since been illegalized due to being seen as supportive of revolutionary intent. Nonetheless it sees occasional use, and the emblem of the sun has become a common sight in anti government graffiti.