The Islands

At its most basic, modern scholars agree that the archipelago upon which Alchemquest is set consists of what was once three titanic mountains emerging from the sea. They have since been worn down to form the modern islands.

The largest of these islands, north east of the great channel is named Nulest. It is largely a low land, with a desert in the north seperated from more temperate sourthern areas by a line of hills that pass for mountains.

West of the Great Channel is the island Naira. Elevation varies highly on Naira, and sea breezes cary far inland, both from the warm current that runs through the Great Channel and colder seas elsewhere.

Aij is the smallest of these islands. It still resembles the peak of a mountain -albeit one emerging from a large beach- and is extremely cold, rocky, and generally low on flora and fauna. The geography has been altered to an extent unseen on the other two islands, and how much of it is actually natural geography is unknown.

The Sea

{Great Channel}

{The Esheni-Aij Basin}

{The Upper Bhustan Current}